Employment Services for the Persons with Disabilities

Support for Employers Concerning Disability Employment

1 Training Courses for Qualification of Vocational Life Consultants for Persons with Disabilities

Under the Law for Employment Promotion of Persons with Disabilities, enterprises employing 5 or more persons with disabilities are required to appoint a vocational life consultant who can would offer advice and guidance to disabled workers on all aspects of their vocational life if required. JEED conducts training courses for this qualification.

2 Counseling and Support for Employers

(1)Counseling and Support by Local Vocational Centers

Local Vocational Centers for Persons with Disabilities provide systematic support for specific problems in employment management to employers who are planning to employ persons with disabilities and those who are already employing them. The centers create a Support Plan for Employers based on an analysis of individual employer’s needs and problems in employment management for disabled workers, and also provide systematic support, including support by job coaches as well as periodic followup services.

(2)Counseling and Support offered by the Central Information Center for Disability Employment

The Central Information Center for Disability Employment (Sumida-ku, Tokyo) provides counseling and support on employment management according to enterprise scale and industrial characteristics. Also, the Center dispatches “Disability Employment Management Supporters” who are professionals in a variety of fields to enterprises that need assistance concerning employment management of the persons with disabilities.

Central Information Center for Disability Employment:E-mail:

Information on Disability Employment Management Supporters is on the following website.

(3) Promotion of Assistive Technology at Work

JEED lends assistive equipment free of charge to employers and employers’ organizations for a fixed period of time. At the time of lending, counseling services are available to ensure that the appropriate equipment is chosen considering their workplace environments and their workers’ disability traits.
Inquiries about equipment rentals are available at the Central Information Center for Disability Employment “Assistive Technology at Work”:

Noise cancelling headphones (mainly for persons with developmental disorders)

Magnifier for persons with visual disabilities

3 Provision of Information for Employers

(1)Manuals and Other Materials

JEED creates manuals introducing expertise in employment management of persons with disabilities,introduces reports on best practices of workplace improvement, and offers DVDs for rent. These materials are also published on the website.“Reference Materials (handbooks, manuals, etc.)”:

Collection of occupational safety and health measures for employees with disabilities

First time employing persons with disabilities - Q&A for employers

(2)Information on the Cases of Disability Employment

A website has been created to introduce successful cases (model cases) of disability employment gathered from enterprises that are taking inventive and positive approaches to employ persons with disabilities, as well as cases where reasonable accommodations are provided.
“ReferenceService for Successful Cases of Disability Employment”:

(3)Information on Home-based Employment and Work

In order to promote home-based work for persons with severe disabilities, JEED introduces cases of working at home and organizations supporting home-based work on the following website.
“Challenge Home Office (Supporting Home-based Work)”: