Employment Services for the Persons with Disabilities

Educational Activities Concerning Disability Employment

1 National and Prefectural Abilympics

National Abilympics

In order to provide opportunities to hone vocational capabilities for persons with disabilities as they compete using the skills they have cultivated, and to promote their employment by enhancing understanding and awareness of disability issues in the business world and among the
general public, the National Abilympics (vocational skills contests for persons with disabilities) have been held every autumn since 1972. In 2023, the 43nd National Abilympics will be held in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture, for three days from November 17 to 19.

Gold medal winners (42nd National Abilympics in Chiba Prefecture)

Flower Arrangement competition (42nd National Abilympics in Tokyo)

At the venue of the National Abilympics, a concurrent event called Work Fair for Persons with Disabilities will be held in a bid to help private enterprises and society in general to deepen their understanding of disability employment and promote concrete initiatives. Through a diverse range of events,including exhibitions, demonstrations and workshop booths,information on promoting employment of persons with disabilities will be offered and shared among participants and visitors.

Work Fair for People with Disabilities (42nd National Abilympics in Chiba Prefecture)

Prefectural Abilympics

Each year, Prefectural Abilympics are organized by the respective prefectures, in addition to promoting the employment of persons with disabilities. Contestants, who perform well there, move on to compete in the National Abilympics.

2 International Abilympics (IA)

A team of contestants who have shown excellent skills in Japan’s National Abilympics are dispatched to compete in the International Abilympics. The first International Abilympics was held in Tokyo in 1981 to commemorate the International Year of Disabled Persons, and is an international competition originating from Japan. IA is held approximately every four years until the tenth event.

Award Ceremony

Closing Ceremony

3 The Award Ceremony, Painting and Photograph Contest, and the Award-winning Works Exhibition

In order to promote further understanding and awareness regarding disability employment,September every year is designated as Disability
Employment Support Month, and an award ceremony is held to recognize companies withdist ingui shed performance in actively employing persons with disabilities. In addition, a “Painting and photograph contest for Disability Employment Support Month” is held to select the best prize-winning works from the collected pictures painted by persons with disabilities and photographs of those working. The best prize-winning works are selected as the poster designs for Disability Employment Support Month and the exhibitions of the prize-winning works are held in five places nationwide.
In addition, we publish a monthly educational journal for employers called ‘Working People’s Plaza’, which addresses common employment issues for people with disabilities.

2020 Commendation Ceremony: Good Employment Practices for Persons with Disabilities

“Working People’s Plaza”- educational Journal

Poster publicizing Disability Employment Support Month