Human Resources Development Service

Fostering Human Resources to Support the Industrial Base

We train “people who underpin the advanced Monozukuri (manufacturing)” to serve as the foundation of Japan’s industry.

Polytechnic Colleges (Human Resources Development Colleges and Human Resources Development Junior Colleges)

In order to train people who can underpin advanced manufacturing to serve as the very basis of industry, an education and training system is made available that combines practice and study by effectively linking theory with skills and technology in accordance with the developments in technical innovation and changes in the industrial structure. In this way, the advanced technical engineers can be trained who are capable of handling the cutting-edge skills and technology through their mastery of basic manufacturing technology.

1 Education and Training System

Specialized Technical Program (2 years)

For high school graduates and others, this program aims to train technical engineers who have the advanced knowledge and skills/technology necessary to respond to technological innovation.

Standard Training Courses

Production Technology, Electrical System and Energy Control Technology, Electronic Information Technology,Housing Environment, Architecture,Port and Harbor Transport Division

Professional Technical Program (2 years)

Those who have completed the Specialized Technical Program may enter this program, which aims to foster the future leaders in production technology and management who are capable of developing new products and designing production processes according to the industrial and local needs.

Standard Training Courses

Production Mechanic System Technology, Production Electrical System Technology, Production Electronic Information System Technology, Architectural System Engineering

Japan Dual System (2-year program)

This system provides high school graduates, freelancers,and those seeking reemployment with education and training equivalent to specialized courses, as well as practical training at companies, with the aim of gaining permanent employment.

Education and Training System

Training environment closely related to manufacturing sites

High employment rate

We place emphasis on cooperation with local industries and provide education and training that meets human resource needs. Our detailed employment guidance to students results in a nearly 100% employment rate every year.

2 Joint and Entrusted Research

In order to resolve issues that local small- and mediumsized enterprises and other facilities are facing, such as the need for stronger technical capacity, Polytechnic Colleges engage in joint and entrusted research and provide technical assistance toward labor-savings and functional improvement,thereby contributing to the community. Moreover, through collaboration with local industry, they will ascertain expertise on production floors and the latest technical trends to be used to enhance the experiments and practical training courses.

The photo on the right shows an example of a marine robot designed to inspect fishing nets that won the first prize at the 6th Okinawa Marine Robot Competition Council (ROV category) (an example of joint research with a fishery cooperative association at Polytech College Shimane)

3 “Polytech Vision”

The Polytech Vision is an event held annually to introduce the current status and levels of advanced and practical education and training as well as research and development on manufacturing, to the relevant personnel at businesses,educational institutions such as high schools, and other
organizations in the community. Programs of the Polytech Vision include exhibitions and presentations of products resulting from training and research, a manufacturing experience booth, robot making, and competitions.

Exhibition of students’ works

1.Manufacturing experience2.Presentation of practical training report on manufacturing3.Robot Competition

4 Cooperation with Local High Schools and other Educational Institutions

Polytechnic Colleges seek to promote partnership with the community by implementing training for teachers of local technical high schools as well as organizing manufacturing workshops for high school students.

Manufacturing workshop for high school students (CAD)

Programming course for high school teachers