Human Resources Development Service

Nurturing and Training of Vocational Training Instructors for Improving Their Skills

Human Resources Development University — Polytechnic University (PTU)

In order to establish a vocational training base for the entire country, and maintain and improve its quality,Polytechnic University conducts nurturing and training of vocational training instructors for the purpose of improving their skills, research and surveys on human resources development, and nurturing of process innovators.

1 Nurturing of Vocational Training Instructors

In order to secure a constant inflow of vocational training instructors who will lead Japan’s vocational training into the future, Polytechnic University provides training designed to help students to acquire the teaching skills required for developing human resources as well as to acquire advanced and practical skills and techniques in the core industrial sectors that underpin manufacturing.

2 Training of Vocational Training Instructors for Improving Their Skills

Training courses are offered to the vocational training instructors and others who are employed at public human resources development facilities and private educational training institutions across the country for the purpose of improving their skills.

3 Surveys/Research and Development on Human Resources Development

In response to the changes in human resources development needs brought about by ongoing technological innovation and changes in the industrial structure, Polytechnic University has developed training courses and curricula, as well as teaching materials, training techniques and evaluation methods, thereby supporting those who are at the frontlines of human resources development. Research results are published on the website of the Institute of Research and Development:

Polytechnic University

Research Reports

4 Nurturing of Process Innovators

Polytechnic University carries out trainings for high school graduates, etc. aiming at nurturing the production engineers(process innovators) who have the ability to identify/analyze/solve the problems and possess the creative powers required on the production floor, as well as the high-quality vocational training instructors. The trainings provide the comprehensive management and leadership skills necessary for leaders in the production technology and management field.