Human Resources Development Service

Vocational Training for Quick Reemployment of Unemployed Workers

Even those with no experience in the manufacturing field can learn the basics, step by step.

Polytechnic Centers (Human Resources Development Promotion and Training Centers)

Training courses are designed to meet local employment needs. A standard six-month vocational training that focuses on practical training is offered, through which job seekers can acquire the skills, technical expertise, and relevant knowledge needed to find new work quickly.
* Course not offered at Osaka Polytechnic Center

1 Standard Training Courses

Machinery Field

Technical Operations

For those seeking jobs as skilled workers for design and machine tool-based processing in the manufacturing industry

Main work at workplace: CAD (designing and drawing), machine processing

Metal Processing
For those seeking jobs as skilled workers for sheet metal machine processing and welding in the manufacturing industry

Main work at workplace: welding, sheet metal processing

Computer-aided design (CAD) Training (Technical Operations)

Welding Training (Metal Processing)

Electrical/Electronic Systems Field

Electrical Installation Technology

For those seeking jobs as skilled workers for installation and maintenance of electrical equipment in buildings, etc.

Main work at workplace: electrical work, control panel manufacture

Smart Production Support

For those seeking jobs as skilled workers for the development and maintenance of manufacturing support system using information and communication technology (ICT) in factories

Main work at workplace: development and maintenance of manufacturing support system, network maintenance and management of manufacturing equipment

Electrical installation work-final inspection(Electrical Installation Technology Course)

Developing manufacturing support system (Smart Production Support Course)

Building Management

Building Management Technology

For those seeking jobs as skilled workers for maintenance management of electrical equipment, air conditioning equipment, fire defense equipment and water/drainage systems of buildings and apartments

Main work at workplace: building equipment management, building equipment inspection and maintenance

Home Renovation Technology

For those seeking jobs as skilled workers in construction management and drawings of wooden houses.

Main work at workplace: interior construction work, housing construction management, improvement advisor

Practical training for comprehensive inspection of indoor fire hydrant equipment (Building Management Technology Department)

Practical training in interior construction and renovation (Home Renovation Technology Department)

2 Courses Combined with On-the-job Training (JEED Dual-training System)

This dual-training system aims to develop human resources with the practical skills and technical expertise related to production sites through the provision of vocational training that combines practical training and lectures at Polytechnic Centers (Human Resources Development Promotion Centers) and Polytechnic Colleges (Human Resources Development Colleges) with on-the-job training at the private enterprises.

Courses combining in-house and on-the-job training Practical training + Lectures

3 Introductory Training

Approximately one-month introductory training (bridging into employment) is conducted to reconfirm the trainee’s career vision and motive for training through the acquisition of basic skills such as communication ability and business manners, and lead them to participate in the standard 6-month vocational training.

Training leading to standard 6-month training

Support for Reemployment

No Prior Experience Start With the Basics

Vocational training instructors (Techno Instructors) provide step-by-step instruction starting from the all the basic skills, techniques, and knowledge required to work in the manufacturing field. Participants can take courses with peace of mind even if they have no prior experience - the inclusive curriculum is designed for first-time workers in the manufacturing field.

Free of charge

There is no charge for vocational training. However,students must pay for textbooks and other training materials.
Those who are eligible for employment insurance can receive various benefits from Hello Work while attending training. Those who are not eligible for employment insurance may still be eligible for the payment for vocational training.

Great Employment Opportunities

We provide job placement counselling, interview guidance, company information sessions, and job information to trainees, as well as job training instructors who actively visit companies and accompany trainees to job interviews. In addition, by providing job-seeking information on trainees to companies, we can accept job offers from companies that have nominated trainees.

Support for those who wish to work while raising children or caring for family members

Childcare services are provided for those who are raising children so that they can leave their children at daycare centers while attending job training. In some areas, we also offer short-time (4 hours per day for 4 months) job training courses to facilitate those who wish to return to work while raising children or caring for family members.

Counseling for job seekers

Nursery service