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Support for Implementation of Vocational Training under the Support System for Job Seekers

The Support System for Job Seekers aims to promote the employment of job seekers with specific
requirements* and contribute to their stable employment and livelihood by providing them with vocational training, subsidies to facilitate participation in the vocational training, and other forms of support measures for finding work. Under this system, JEED conducts the following activities.
* Job seekers who are not eligible to receive unemployment benefits, etc. provided by employment insurance and are recognized by the director of a Hello Work office as requiring vocational training or other forms of support in finding work.

By making use of experience and expertise accumulated in the public vocational training field together with theorganizational strength and mobility developed in 47 prefectures, JEED provides various services to private educational training institutions. Services include publicity activities for introducing the Support System for Job Seekers, counseling and support for planning their training programs, evaluation and accreditation of their vocational training, as well as advice on
training implementation.

1 Publicity Activities on the System

Publicity activities to introduce the Support System for Job Seekers are carried out through visits to private educational training organizations and conducting briefing sessions for them.

Briefing session

2 Counseling and Support for Training Program Planning

Counseling and support for the planning of training programs are provided to private educational training institutions. This support includes providing explanations of accreditation criteria as well as advice on curriculum preparation.
Guide for preparing curriculum is available on the JEED website to support smooth preparation of curriculum, etc.

Guide for preparing curriculum

Private educational training institutions can refer to the helpful examples and tips for preparing curriculum smoothly.

3 Evaluation and Accreditation of Vocational Training Plans

Applications of vocational training plans submitted by the private educational training institutions are evaluated and the ones that satisfy the stipulated criteria are accredited in accordance with each prefecture’s regional vocational training implementation plans. Information on accredited vocational training programs (names of training organizations and courses, training descriptions, etc.) is available on the websites. JEED works closely with Hello Work to ensure that this information is appropriately provided to the job seekers.

4 Advice concerning Implementation of Training

The training situation in training organizations is checked to ensure that their programs are being implemented according to the accredited training plan, and where necessary, advice and other support are provided.

Implementation of Vocational Training by Private Educational Training Institutions